Assalam O Alaikum Everyone…!

I’m a crazy little soul who loves to see other smiling. May be I did something stupid and it may have hurt you but believe me, whatever I had done was for your own good… 😉 Remember that Atoofa is always right! 😀

Anyhow, I have made this blog so that I can share my creative writing stuff along with some personal experiences, food blogs and critical observations with you people.

You out there, my colleagues, my teachers and anyone who would love to read my observations, poetry and short stories are welcome to give there comments over here.

A bit of me is that I am a graduate of English Literature, from a well renowned university – International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. Now, I am pursuing my post-graduate studies (Mphil) from Air university, Islamabad. I am specializing in the field of languages and literature. Goofy scholar in making. 😉

Being an amateur writer, I write so that I can understand and explore the art of writing.

I was groomed under the shadow of science background. So, my interests are diverse.

If you find any mistake feel free to share it with me. Views and opinions are always welcome. 🙂

I love to explore,  travel and love photography like anything! Nature inspired me a lot, no once but many a time.

I would love to read your feedback.

Love you all!




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