Chit Chat with Dr. Zia.

DR ZIA – A man who is a healer but his healer is Nature!

I got a chance to go on a trip to NARAN valley. There I met Dr. Zia, he is serving as a lecturer at Rawalpindi Medical College. A man who is 40 + but is as energetic as a teenager. I am impressed by his personality and his exploration mission. There are very few people who are as dedicated as Dr. Zia when it comes to hiking and expeditions. He has an eye for photography and is a fun being best tourist company one could have around.

Dr Zia at Katora Lake Uper Dir

One of the amazing explorer, hiker and adventurer he is. Here is blog interview with him:

Atoofa: What are mountains to you?

Dr Zia: They are not villains for me nor they haunt me. I love them, I enjoy exploring them. It makes me feel fresh and I get to know them. Mountains are life to me.

Atoofa: Share something about your favorite expedition?

Dr. Zia: In 2012, I went to Mazeeno Pass near Nanga Parbat, it is an extra ordinary place. We not only explored that but we loved every moment of the tour.

Atoofa: Any favorite Lake/s?

Dr. Zia: Well, favorite, every lake and natural attraction is my favorite though but – Dodi Paat lake and Katora Lake Uper Dir are mind bowing. I loved them. They made me awed.

At Lulusar Lake

Atoofa: How do you manage?

Dr. Zia: Hojata hai (laughing he said that), when you have passion for something it becomes easy to manage time out of it for that hobby of yours.

Atoofa: Which hike do you think was the toughest?

Dr. Zia: Tough hike… Eemm. When you have to cross the pass while GG Pass( Ghondo Ghoro Pass ) on way back from Concordia and Snow fall and one thread line layer you have to cross, yes that is my kind of tough. It was 12 midnight and snow was falling we all crossed that pass. It was horrifying. Those were the times when terrorism’ wave was around and we had foreigner as well, it was bit tough, I must say.

Atoofa: Any new plan of hiking?

Dr. Zia: Planned tour is of shamshal area, near Sakrdu. Let’s see what happens…

Atoofa: Where have you been recently?

Dr. Zia: I have been to Musa ka musala with my friends. Lapuke La was also a recent one.

Lupke La Expedition __ Snow Lake in front of Solo Towers & Hisper Pass

Atoofa: Do you like reading books? What sort of books peek your interest?

Dr.Zia: Except Medical’s books, I love to read History’s books and interest is in History but lately I am not in touch with any sort of book, that is sad. But yes, I do read Newspaper regularly. Around 2010, I read Tarar’s book, he fanaticize a lot.

Atoofa: Are you afraid of something/anything?

Dr. Zia: I think that agar adventure reh gya tou kia hoga!

Atoofa: Any favorite sports of yours?

Dr. Zia: Football it is. I used to be my team’s captain, good old days! Italian team I love the most.

Atoofa: Any words of wisdom for your students and followers?

Dr. Zia: Nothing of some high sort. Simple thing is that live in present, do not spoil your present by overthinking about future or by being stuck in past. Explore and stay fit.

Somewhere on road en-route Naran – 2016 

Post Note: Every word he uttered about life about different things during trip and during this chat was worth following. Some I did follow till now. Met this amazing man last year since then he is my favorite explorer doc. Got a chance to know him which I am sharing in the form of blog chat series which I started. I disturbed him a lot for this but can’t resist to share about him. He is just too good, down to Earth man.


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