Chit Chat with Summan Waseem

While exploring the young talent at Air university, I got a chance to meet a lively young lady full of potential and energy. She has published her book titled, “Eliminating Riba – A way forward.”


Atoofa: Hi Summan thank you for your time, our young talented gem of Air University.

Summan: Hey, honored to give you an interview. 

Atoofa: Since when you are into this business, accounts and finance thing?

Summan: I am studying in this field since 6 years. Like most of people I am not interested or shall I say i was never interested in in Medical and Engineering field. So, from my Matric level I chose this field as my passion.

Atoofa: Let’s just begin, I came to know that at such tender age you published your book, “Eliminating Riba – A way forward” what motivated you to write about such fancy element? 

Summan: As I have mentioned that earlier  this field is my passion and the story behind my writing is that in this modern era our youth is lacking behind the knowledge of Islamic finance and banking system,so to spread the rules and limitations of Islam in this regard I took this initiative.


Atoofa: Tell us something more about Riba and how Islamic finance deals with it?

Summan:  Riba in simple is known as interest, which means that earning extra money on the amount which one lends, it is actually prohibited in Islam. People now a days run behind money without thinking which way is right and which one is wrong. So, Islamic finance deals with the systems that are beneficial for both worlds.

Atoofa: Your first book launch was is done what is the expected date of your book launch at Air University??

Summan: Well, most probably in second week of November 2016. In shaa ALLAH. 

Atoofa: On serious note, I came to know that HEC has decided to consider your book for the course work of BBA? Is this true? If yes, what are your feelings about it?

Summan: Yes, Alhadullilah initial documents has been filled. Obviously with this achievement I am honored and happy to have such great people around me including my parents, teachers and other supporters for their words of support. 

Atoofa: You write poetry too? So, are you planning to get it published as well?

Summan: Yup, I do not write other genres. I want to bring the realities of worlds in different form. So, yes I do express my thoughts via poetry.  I am currently working on two poetry books and soon they are going to get published as well. 

Atoofa: What makes you so energetic? Tell us about your upcoming finance forum.

Summan: Passion is the only thing which makes me energetic. I want to start an organization which will be totally based on interest free business or might work as non profit organization. So, from this system everyone will be able to learn and practice according to Islamic principles.

Atoofa: Any words for the youth of Pakistan?

Summan: Yes, never fear from the surroundings, always have a passion and one line I want to deliver here is, “sail away from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds in your sails.”

Atoofa: Thank you for your time, I am humbled to have you around our pride of air!

Summan: My pleasure and I am blessed and lucky to have this institution and people like you around me. 

P.S Again off the record conversation with this young talent lady was amazing. She inspired me a lot.



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