Dowry – To give or not to give that is the question!

After a long tiring day, when I came back home. I realized that I desperately needed a cup of tea. I made my tea, came to TV lounge sat there and started tuning the channels. And all the sudden something caught my attention. It was a line said by man, “Uncle, meray ghar ki chezoon kay liye paisay ap kuyn dien?”

Wow, what did I just hear? And then I came to know it was new advertisement of ORIENT. With the tagline “rishton mein innovtion”. I re-watched it on youtube then. Fancy!

But on the other hand the shocking thing was the line’ “Beti ka baap hun”. Orient projected the two sides in beautiful manner. We are living in such society where father’s live in such depression whether to give dowry or not to give? This has remained our dilemma.

Dowry marriage is still practiced in South Asia. Over 25000 women are brutally killed annually in India (this is the highest dowry death toll) and more than 2000 cases are reported in Pakistan. Even in Bangladesh such cases have been reported.

Grave violence is observed over not bringing the dowry in the lower class even sometimes in the middle class too. This evil is spreading its wing, which should not happen in this era.  People are slave to collective consciousness and are blindly following the norms of the society.

Dr. Sheeraz Dasti, Assistant Professor at IIU stated his views that, “No denying the fact that dowry is a curse but we need to look at it in the broader cultural context. In middle and upper classes, it comes as a compensation for the due share of family property that young women have to surrender to their brothers. In such cases dowry becomes a silent deal among the bride, her parents and siblings and groom and his parents. Given this deal’s silent nature, the humans of lower classes mistake dowry as a norm and therefore keep practicing it blindly.However this campaign will have no effect. As the people from upper classes don’t lack awareness and those from lower ones don’t read blogs.”

The gruesome bride burning, dowry murders are act of violation against women like rape, bride burning, eve teasing, and acid throwing are…

We say whether to give it to our daughters or not? If not what will people say? This will lower our family honor and so on. These kind of thinking patterns must be stopped.

Ms Qurat ul ain, Mphil Scholar at Air University stated that its a bad practice to be observed in the society.

Even Islam forbids this act. There is no mention that girls is responsible for bringing her own goods along with her.

Where are we standing? We have to raise our voice against this evil. We must not remain confined to the TVC but have to practice and spread the word against this cultural practice. Stop giving dowry as it does not liberates your daughter but enchains her.

It was enlightening to see over the Twitter that the young ones of the society are talking against this evil with positive ideas.

We need to aware people about this dowry matter. This idea is good. Using the discourse of media, we can educate people but what is needed the most is to aware people on personal level – on individual grounds. Change will not occur until you yourself become the change.

Soch ko badlo, lao rishto’on mein innovation.


4 thoughts on “Dowry – To give or not to give that is the question!

  1. Chirping Bird says:

    Very true, indeed. Even i heard a woman saying “I don’t need to buy new sofa for my house. I would just Get my son married and the bride’s dowry will serve the purpose”. she left me astonished.

      1. Atoofa says:

        I always need to give it a review. Once its a crap read twice polish it and make your work more good. As we sometimes write in a flow so we definitely need to review it twice or thrice sometimes.

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