Train to Hogwarts Café!

It all began with the Harry Potter and the cursed child!

The hype was created all around the globe and the fuss was created so much so that all potter heads were going crazy. In the midst of this hype one day on social media we saw the post that there is an opening of a new café named “Hogwarts Café”. Well, this made me and my friends drool to visit this place at our earliest.

We visited this café and made Bahjat’s day an amazing one by celebrating her 22nd birthday at Hogwarts eemm Café which is located in PWD, near Bahria Town! This is place is owned by brothers named Hassan and Haider. They are start ups and according to them they wanted to start a cafe so they thought why not Hogwarts Cafe? And I guess they did the right thing there! Cheerio.

Harry Potter Themed – Hogwarts Cafe

We all were charmed and felt like under the spell – Imperious!

The décor won our heart the moment we entered. There were moving (gifs) of Sirus Black just like in movie. The broom, gowns, hats mugs and what not. Everything there at one small place.


You can read “The Daily Prophet”, with excerpts from the books painted on the walls, wooden chandeliers, hanging candles and framed photographs adorning the walls, Hogwarts Café is the impeccable place to chill with friends who are also potterheads, it is a must thing.

Fancy Menu for Potter Heads.

The Hogwarts café is not very spacious though at a time 15-20 customers are catered.  The presentation of food is good. The menu is fancy. Beware if you are a chicken fan do ask before ordering Muggle’s choice because it’s beef! Ha Ha.

The dishes tried were Kreature’s special, Dragon fire Burger and Godric’s Hollowed Burger. To be very honest I was expecting Dragon fire to be spicy a bit, to make you smoke your ears kind of spicy but it was normal spicy. Highly recommended is Kreature’s special.

Well, like hafsa said and I agree to it that people in Islamabad can now taste the Butterbeer without heading to Universal Studios! Though the tongue twister drink tasted yum too. These two are worth trying.

Tongue Twister and Daily Prophet


The desserts at Hogwarts Café though are valued addition to the menu. The chocolate fudge cake named the ‘Forbidden Cake’ has layers of fudge in it. Oum Noum. The dark chocolate cake, named ‘Hagrid’s Rock Cake’, is perhaps the best dark chocolate cake one can find in the city. The lava cake is moist and yummy too.

Amazing and comfortable atmosphere. For a time being you really feel like in the world of potter – Hogwarts.

Celebrated sister’s birthday here and the staff was extremely welcoming. The all the sudden turned into costumed beings and it was splendid.

Sometimes childhood dreams do come true. Harry potter ambiance, great food and a highly friendly staff; being a potter head what else could we ask for?

Potter heads it is your call people, must visit because I rated this 9 and 3/4. 😉


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