Poem; Diva Who Died

They were pious they were sane.
Hoax of piousness when divulged –
Very choice is to kill the bird.
To kill – to kill they all said,
To not let the honor go in vain.
They were in love and lost it in terrain.
They thought in their wary way.
Shattered and broken they plea,
To redo the falsifying deed.
They were blind for the honor they lost,
Raising the sword – they trolled.
For thou shall now taste the pleasure,
Of love, of loss, of melancholy and of leisure.
Cutting the wings of the fragile babe.
Tears in eyes – her soul left the terrain,
He was battered and in pain.
He didn’t know his undiscerning fate.
None can undo the suffering they gained –
Honor preserved, Brutality unveiled.
Her soul rose and held the pen,
To tell the story of the den.
She threw ink in the air,
It was more like a flair.
They all saw with the naked eye,
Story told by brave diva who died.

Poem got published in The Voice Project, Boulder (US) based magazine.



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