Creep Qawwali – Exposing the unexposed.

I was wandering, as usual wasting my time over random stalking. Then I saw a sponsored post on Facebook saying, “Creep Qawwali”…

Frist thing first Qawaali and that too, CREEP one… Hmm you had my attention!

Creep Qawwali
Creep Qawwali

I was reluctant to turn sound to full volume, as Facebook automatically plays video now so out of curiosity I turned it up.  ICYMI – AIB’s new advertising agency “Vigyapanti” has made this film for Truly Madly (a dating app though) but the very idea was brilliant and the lyrics were thought-provoking (if you were paying heed to lyrics not the ladies in the video HAHA)…

#CreepQawwali. This has gone viral on social media. It was even trending in India. And of course as I have some Indian followers so it came to my knowledge as well that there is much hype about this qawwali.

Our advertising wing AIB Vigyapanti’s first video is out! Here’s #CreepQawwali for @thetrulymadly.

— All India Bakchod (@AllIndiaBakchod) October 8, 2015

One thing that freaked me out was the dismantling of the qawwali genre. Else ladies and team, did a fine job – exposing the duality and flirt nature of the guys on social media. The pretentious nature and their portrayal of man – being pious while having two – two online crushes is exposed in a creep way.

Dating culture is it not appreciated nor promoted in our society so there is no use of such apps here but the way AIB’s video has exposed the surreal reality, it has made it a worth a watch – a good satire on online dating system in a unique way. And the message it has in the end “DON’T LET BOY BROWSING TURN INTO CREEP BROWSING” is a warning note for all the creeps out there (no matter girls or boys)…

Beware - Note!
Beware – Note!

Girls, important note for you all is that no matter what, choose your suitor wisely. It is not a matter of weeks or months but life time so BE CAREFUL. And carefully use social media – as creep is in search of you don’t fall prey to tactics and be rational, be sane! Be safe!


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