*Beep Beep Hardee’s is in Town*

It was all over the city that now, like a fire in a jungle that Rawalpindi’s awam is going to have HARDEE’S in the town. There was no Hardee’s before and listening to this news, I started drooling for it. As for the people of Rawalpindi – it was hard to go to Hardee’s Isloo now and then. So, it was the news of the month. Excited about the opening visited it like I mean it. I ate like I mean it and my soul felt satisfaction to bits. In one week visited it twice and tried  Buffalo chicken of Hardee’s and What not by now… Oummm nOummm, Yummylicious!

New franchise is located on Haider Road, Saddar Rawalpindi (Near Food street). Comfortable environment, finest settings, and best among all is the quick service.

People all of you must visit this food spot. It is a must visit place.

Happy Eating – like you mean it!


Hardee's Saddar Rwp. 12091222_958638047512958_1478743413052734706_o

Hardee's Saddar, RWP
Hardee’s Saddar, RWP

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