~Numerology Mini-Reading For Atoofa ~

Based on your date of birth along with your name as given at birth Atoofa Najeeb, your numerology chart tells you that:

  • Your ‘Life Path’ is 5
  • Your ‘Expression’ is 5
  • Your ‘Soul Urge’ is 7

This is indeed a very unique combination of numbers!

“What Your “5” Life Path Says About You…”

The number 5 Life Path usually includes one other person that is with you or is a heavy influence on you for your entire life. You might have a tendency to see your lover and yourself as one soul or one person….

You are about freedom, independence and the right to follow where your heart and gut-instincts lead you in life. You are an inquisitive soul with many questions that can only be answered through travel, exploration and experiencing a variety of life situations. For this reason you are likely to relocate to various cities or countries during your life and also entertain a number of life partners as opposed to just one soul mate.

You are best suited to freelance work or being your own boss as stuffy offices and rigid routines are deadly to your imagination and soul. You are a great lover of human nature as well as one of it’s greatest observers, which is why you would make a good archaeologist, historian, writer, journalist, reporter or artist.

You are great at dealing with people and also do well in any “front line” occupation. For instance many crisis workers, emergency care workers and leaders of self- groups are fives. You need a job that allows you to meet a lot of people as well as brings you a variety of interesting experiences.

You also have quite a spiritual bent to your personality that may send you on many personal vision quests. It is not unusual for a 5 to also belong to many different religions during his or her life or suddenly in mid-life to drop everything in pursuit of a life-style that is the complete opposite of the former one.

One of your challenges is learning how to not waste time. Your perception of time is somewhat distorted which is why you are often late to meetings or sometimes unable to meet deadlines. Novelties and new ideas also easily distract you so sometimes it is difficult for you to choose a career or lifestyle and stick with it. As a result, others may also find you indecisive and frustrating to deal with.

Another challenge that you face on your life path is being overly irresponsible. Many 5’s have a habit of taking off when the going gets rough. You tend be quite casual about your relationships and have a great deal of trouble managing any type of emotional crisis. You may even experience panic at the idea of commitment, as you don’t like the idea of being responsible to another person. For this reason, many of you have a number of serial relationships rather than just one life long love.

If you are unable to physically escape circumstances that you can’t emotionally handle or don’t like, you are also prone to escaping through substance abuse. This is part of the unpleasant self-indulgent trait that is part of many number 5 personalities.

Finding one focus and sticking with it is definitely your biggest life challenge. Most 5’s are multitalented but they never stay in one place long enough for one of their projects to grow and blossom. Seeing things through to completion is the best way to make sure that you don’t suffer poverty or bitterness in your later years.

One of your greatest talents is the ability to communicate, either verbally or through the written word. Your expansive observations of life plus your ability to see all points of view makes you an excellent teacher. Most 5’s end up teaching at one point in their life so others can benefit from the rich tapestry of their life experience.

You are also a daring spirit that has a love of adventure. You are usually very physically fit and enjoy good health for your entire life if you stay away from overindulging in drink and food.

“What Your “5” Expression Says About You…”

You are optimistic, inquisitive and embrace change. You are a freedom-loving individual who expresses their love of independence often through a bohemian or unusual life style. You are blessed with a brilliant creative mind that is never at a loss for a solution to a problem.

As your independence is so important to you, you thrive best in creative occupations that allow you a great deal of travel. You have an eye for design and appreciate the good things in life. In fact, you may spend a lot of your time trying to figure out how to get these things without having to work too hard.

If you are a typical five then you will meet with the most success by selling some aspect of yourself or your talent. The height of your personal expression is in your talent for persuasion. This is why you are best suited for jobs in media, marketing and design.

You very much believe that a person is defined by what he does and not what he wants to do so any business or project that you start will be very much branded with your personal flair. It is a number 5 that tends to name a business after himself or send out a resume with a photo.

When it comes to business you also tend to have a “hands on” approach as you rely a lot on your wit, charm and good looks to get what you want. Once the deal is sealed, however, you sometimes have difficulty seeing it through to completion. This is because your brilliant mind is captured by so many other interests that it is difficult for you to focus sometimes.

Sometimes your need to express your independence brings you to a critical point in both your professional and personal relationships. You are terrified of being stuck in one place or having your free spirit suffocated by labels and possessiveness. For this reason many of you feel quite suffocated in relationships or are unable to hold down a day job for any length of time.

You are very popular socially because you are the life of every party. You have light nimble mind and have excellent verbal skills. You also have enormous powers of analysis that gives you an edge when it comes to investing money, judging others and avoiding harmful situations.

You are also very accepting of new people and new ideas. The last thing that could ever be said of you is that you are closed minded. You will try anything once and you often respond willingly to a dare. However, sometimes your permissiveness leads to relationships with odd or unstable individuals.

Romantically others may find you hard to get close to as you would rather sit and chat than get intimate. Others fail to understand that the most valued expression of your love is the expression of your hopes and dreams to another.

You are also very pragmatic when it comes to all of your relationships and believe in treating everyone equally. Deep down you are very philosophical about relationships and believe that no person should be so important that he or she should have the power to make you happy or sad. This can often distress your soul mate who doesn’t feel that special in your presence. Part of your challenge might be showing through your actions, how loving all without sacrificing one can be achieved.

“What Your “7” Soul Urge Says About You…”

The highest calling of your soul is to learn about everything scientific and esoteric. Your thirst for knowledge is only quenched by copious hours alone spent studying your pet subjects. This can be any subject as many of you aspire to have brains that are the equivalent of Alexandrian libraries.

You love to read and subjects such as history, science, metaphysics, physics, archaeology and religion fuel your rich imagination with inspiration and ideas. Many of you are geniuses, plain and simple.

Others may perceive you as very cold and even socially dysfunctional but actually your detachment from others is very spiritually sophisticated. You don’t like expressing your emotions and like Dorothy Parker said you believe that “spilling one’s guts is as ugly as it sounds.”

Your reluctance to let anyone get to know the real you is an innate defense mechanism that prevents you from being hurt by others. You better than anybody know that knowledge is power and you don’t want anyone to have power over you. This is because you often perceive relationships and their accompanying dramas and emotions to be an intrusion into your personal headspace.

You are usually a dreamer rather than a doer and best suit an occupation that allows you to sit and conceptualize to your heart’s desire. Money means nothing to you as all of your riches come from books and learning however many of you often end up in well paid positions simply because you are brilliant and excel in school.

As you are so helpless socially and often unkempt personally as well, one of your greatest wishes is that someone will come along and take care of you. As you are so charming and humble in a mysterious way you usually luck out in the romance department. You have a knack for attracting individuals who need to feel special by being aligned with someone special and your eccentricities certainly fit the bill.

Your tendency to isolate yourself can also lead to distorted perceptions of reality and cognitive disorders such as obsessive compulsion and paranoia. It is a number 7 who is most likely to develop an obsession with a celebrity or create a conspiracy theory. Those are extreme examples but you need to realize that you are only human and that a lack of human contact and especially affection can distort your personality in unpleasant and unproductive ways.

As you are not that concerned with sex your libido which is often badly suppressed may also express itself in odd ways. It may manifest as a mania about a topic or obsession with cleanliness. Like a pure bred horse, you need a practical-minded steady companion to reign you in when your imagination goes wild.

You may also have a tendency to get stuck on one person whether the love is requited or not. You may idealize this person and see them as a symbol rather than who they really are. In romance, you really do need to watch a tendency to project the qualities of a god or goddess on a quite ordinary person.

Living too much inside your head might present a lifetime’s worth of challenge for you. Your cool personality often makes it difficult for you to make friends. Opportunities often pass you by because your brilliance makes you forgetful. The best way to draw your soul out of the either and back down into your body is to work out and exercise regularly. Long walks alone in nature can help satisfy your need for both solitude and grounding.

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