Adieu 2014!

So many years passed by; they had their own significance, but 2014 will remain in the spot light till my last breath. A lot happened which one cannot even dream of.

I graduated the same year -2014. BS (Hons) in English Literature, woa a breath-taking subject and a lush learning experience it was, Alhumdolliah. I said farewell to my alma mater, farewell to the four golden years of my life in university. I miss those days to a great level. Every moment in the university was cherish able, the round table sessions of reading forum and critical thinking forum, the short detours, each and everything is missed badly.

I lost my Granny (dadi maa) the same year,  the last living person of one generation passed away; closing the chapter of her era. An extra ordinary lady she was.  A strong, determined and well-mannered old-fashioned lady, though she was not much educated but they way her cognition worked towards the worldly matter was astonishing. May you rest in heavens in peace granny, you will be missed.

Some friends out of jealousy turned into enemies and some enemies became the best friends. Some friends loved me; some friends hated me for their very reasons. Best friends became strangers and strangers became good friends.Lot kept going giving me headaches and I realized that I can not love people if I do so I end up hating myself. Something that didn’t change till now. I can say it is my manufacturing fault may be.  So, my narcissistic disorder is still on, HAHA.

The most pathetic thing in 2014 was when a dear and close friend Hibba passed away. Her sudden was a shock -Ah, such a young death. May Allah grant her peace and heaven! She was a great being, honest, kind and truthful soul. We were together since school days often her memories haunt me but alas, we humans have got nothing in our hand whatsoever ALLAH’ S will, we can just pray.

2014- made me cry a lot, often the reason for crying was the success I achieved and sometimes it was the people whose loss in my life left a great space for a while. That hollowness is often killing and devastating. But overall, it was like a renaissance period of my small enthralling life. Revival of intellect, revival of knowledge and I get to learn a lot about the life, the very nature of people left a drastic impact on my life.

Good Bye 2014 &Welcome 2015
Good Bye 2014 &Welcome 2015

Best thing is I am still UNEMPLOYED and a Bachelor. (*Zindage Gulzar hai* HAHA)

I took so many wise and unwise decisions, best and the wisest one was that of joining of AL-huda, Quranic teaching centre.  That was an enlightening experience; learned a bit less yet a much amount of knowledge about Quran, wishing to pursue it to the advance level. I am so thankful to Allah that he blessed me to get to know about those things which I knew not. Alhumdoliah. The evangelic zeal and mesmerizing teachings made me feel like a true believer and brought peace and harmony in my restless crazy soul. I am in peace, Alhumdolliah !

The greatest national tragedy in 2014 will always be remembered; the loss of 144 innocent soul in the Peshawar incident, ah an irreplaceable loss. 16 December has always been a rough and tough day in the history of Pakistan.

Now 2015 is here, I greet you with new hopes, new life, tiring experiences and InshAllah loads of good new will be awaiting regarding some tests which I have to clear or so. InshAllah this New Year will bring happiness, peace and prosperity for everyone in Pakistan, with this hope I say:

“Adieu 2014- you will be missed a lot.”


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