~ Rumours – A Social Evil ~

The image post caught my attention which stated that Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumours either come from a man that can’t have her or a women who can’t compete with her. That made me ponder over it.

Rumours - A sad truth
Rumours – A social evil

This is a harsh reality to accept but yes stuff like this happens and it is a mainstream thing. We call it a gossip, giggle and laugh enjoy the talks -forgetting the fact that in one way or other one is doing the character assassination of a girl or a woman, as to say. Rumour mongering is a social evil. It is as grave a sin as back biting. Allah (SWT) says in Aayah 10-13 of Surah Al-Qalam:

“[Prophet] do not yield to any contemptible swearer, to any backbiter, slander-monger, or hinderer of good, to anyone who is sinful, aggressive, coarse, and on top of all that, an imposter.”

Rumours – they are a form of character assassination as they are baseless talks, destroys one’s reputation. Criticism based on facts is constructive, but making allegations without any basis in fact is the worst kind of crime that Islam forbids as well.

“Those who desire that indecencies should spread among the believers will have a painful chastisement in this world and the Hereafter. God knows, and you do not know” Al-Quran (24:19).

Ibn-e-Abbas (RA) narrates that Prophet (SAW) passing by two graves said:

“Both of them [the persons in these graves) are being tortured for great sins. One of them did not use to save himself from being soiled with his urine, and the other one used to go about with calumnies [making false and malicious accusation against one another] among people to [rupture relations] and cause hostilities, e.g., one goes to a person and tells him that so and so says about him such and such evil things.”  ~ Bukhari & Muslim ~

This tradition is also mentioned by Imaam Bukhari (Rehmatullah Alaih) in his book ‘Kitaab-ul-Mufrad’ on the authority of Jaabirbin Abdullah (Razi Allah). Shah Wali-ulLah Muhaddis Delhvi said that one was punished for a physical ailment, while the other was punished for a social sickness.

Our speculations, being judgemental, making stories without knowing the facts can be like a ferocious fiery dragon. Rumour spreads the negativity about that specific person. When you spread rumours about a woman then remember that you are not only causing problems in her present life but in her future life your rumour will be a hurdle for her, because people love to live with lies then with realities and truths. A rumour which you spread for fun sake can destroy one’s life, did you ever think like that? If you didn’t then please give it a thought, get out of preconceived notions and stop poking nose in the matters of people. Because if they get to know that you made stories and spread them they can charge you or sue you. Islamic punishments are severe, I pray people realize that how sensitive these minor worldly matters are which not even cause chaos in society but also will cause trouble for you in the graves.



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