~ Forsaken Tree ~

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Barren land and lost shadow,

Morpheus sleeping nearby.

What cost will I get?

For the choice I just made.

Death; or survival that will

~Forsaken Tree~
*Photo Credits Khuzaima*

Be the answer in the end.

Trees in a row were there;

Perched like a ray of hope.

Hissing sound of the leaves,

In the woods was terrifying though.

Amidst stands the lonely tree.

So, lonely like abandoned me.

The branches were dense

And leaves were lush.

Apparently, it was happy like me.

But when the hissing sound produced

In The tree’s leaves,

It was like a sad humming bee.

Singing alone on the long road,

The song of the people long gone!


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