A Burger’s Guide to Islamabad, Paris of the East

The reason why I love the silent city 🙂


Islamabad is a fascinating city-state. Frequent flyers would tell you that it truly is the Paris of the East. As a local resident, I’d noticed that there weren’t many travel guides out there to help foreigners (read: Karachiites and Lahoris) navigate through this exotic and foreign land. Therefore, I took it upon myself to prepare this guide so as to help people explore this amazing city more effectively.

The national language of Islamabad is Minglish, which is a mixture of forced English and, as my Grandpa puts it, tuti phajji Urdu. The city is part of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area although Islamabad itself is much better and cleaner than it’s inferior sister city. I have asked daddy several times to have a wall built between the two cities and declare it an international border so as to discourage unwanted people from roaming the streets of our beautiful city.Islamabad is famed…

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