~ A story to be told ~

“Doctor, what a fine day it is.” said Lilly to the doctor, who was reading the reports of his patient.

“Hmm. Yes, I think so too Lilly.” said doctor in the somber voice. You seemed quite worried, is everything alright? Lilly asked, the moment doctor put away the file. “Doctor, I can see the agitated looks of yours after all I have been working with you since 20 years.” “Oh yes.” doctor said and started to look out of the window. He seemed quite lost in the thoughts.

Doctor John was running his private hospital since he got retired from the government hospital. He has been a great cardiologist and was famous for his specialty in this field. The day he laid the foundation of the hospital Lilly was working with him. They made a great team. And she always had the fight with the doctor that he is feeling-less. That was the only thing they fight upon.

Lilly asked doctor whether he needs coffee or tea then she left the office and went back to her desk.

Giggling sounds were heard everywhere, wind was blowing and a lady was enjoying the swing under the green big, old tree.  The smile on her face was irreplaceable, exquisite beauty and shining black hair lock on her face made him drop his jaws. He kept on wondering that wow this kind of beauty still exists it is not mere fairy tale. For him she was a fairy, not just a dame from other state but yes the fairy.

He smiled, looking at his own reflection on the window’s glass. The door knocked. And then enters the patient in the room.

She was smiling and he thought wow she is still the same. Nothing has changed her, not even the harshness of life.

“John, please tell me the diagnosis.” She asked in a soft voice.

“Your pregnancy complications lead your child to suffer from Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. I read her reports thoroughly, not one but many times. She is suffering from this rare disease.”

The moment Dr. John said this he moved his head out of the heap of files, he saw the unexplained occurrence that baffled the lady.

“Pardon, I should have told you in simple terminology. Your child is having “Peripartum cardiomyopathy”, is a rare type of heart failure that occurs during pregnancy or immediately after delivery. The damage weakens the heart muscle and causes the heart to become enlarged which results heart failure. The heart can’t pump blood properly throughout the rest of the body. When I checked her chest X-rays and examined her, cracking sound of it made me certain about it.” Doctor said all this in one breathe and he was not even taking a break when he said this.

She was crying like a baby. Hey John look they are calling me with bad names. John got angry and he kicked them hard. They fought till the nose of the other kid broke. Out of nowhere she ran towards John and hugged him. You are one of my best friend, and you know that John.

Sobbing and talking at the same time made her look like a kid, who has lost its candy. Oh don’t cry saying that John hugged her tightly.

Anna, oh yes she was Dr John’s best friend. They became friends since he mended her swing which broke with the blow of wind. It is incident of the time when they both were in collage. Now after 15 years, here she was sitting in front of him. She settled in other country after she got married but came back to her parent’s place when she was ill.

She was crying again like she cried when boys teased her. Dr John just hugged her as he was helpless in the hands of fate. Then they sat silent for the moment, the fuddled looks of her were just killing. She stood up and silently left the room.

The moment she left the room, Anna’s mother called her saying that her baby just died. She screamed “Baby,Oh my baby is dead.”, and ran like a mad horse bewilder, fast and Dr John ran after her.

As she left the office and crossed the road, a car hit her. The news came as a bombshell for her.

Dr John was helpless in the hands of fate standing with stupefaction. Thoughts and beautiful memories numbed his body.

And here he was crossing the road with the body of his best friend in his hand. He suffered from the worst pain ever, losing a friend is not a good thing.

Words in heart, tears in eyes, thoughts exploding in his mind; everything was like a whirlpool. He wondered then that who says that doctors don’t have feelings.


4 thoughts on “~ A story to be told ~

  1. Usman says:

    Its good, however breaks the flow with few sentences at some places or probably need a revision again to remove those sentences out. Similarly , as a fiction I would have expected more of turns as it sounds flat in terms of describing a unusual incident which usually becomes a crown in the turn of events to inspire for a fiction. But good visual and background work.

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