~ Entranced! Entranced ~

~ Entranced! Entranced ~ One of the favorite poems of mine 🙂


 Lost in the reverie I try to find a penknife

To take out my heart and show it,

Engrossed in worship of my Creator;

When in this dark night under the tree I sit


O! I’m not Mansur or else Qalandar

O! I’m not as pure as the words Bullah uttered

So Ashamed & mortified I’m at this thought

That in my heart; with hatred; the love is stirred


So I let myself swivel away in this wind

Entranced! Entranced! Is this ecstatic slave

Whirling with the intonation of the love

Entranced! Entranced! Is this ascetic slave


Drowning in the ocean of unfathomable love

Falling down and finding no ground to step on

Dancing in tune to the rhythm like Sakhi Laal

My feet bleed but I find no reason to mourn


Entranced! Entranced! Like Bulla I’m lost

Entranced! Entranced! Like Sakhi Laal I whirl

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