Journey from English to Urdu blogging

( Time: 1:55 Dated: 25-01-2013)

I was never into Urdu blogging. I use to read blogs related to Scientific discoveries, English literature, arts and crafts and Urdu in English but it is mentionable that not Urdu blogs. I actually never thought that there is some kind of existence of it too. All hail to social media that one day I came across the twitter profile of Mr. Zia-ul-Hassan (AnndaParatha on twitter).Actually at that time I was feeling hungry and was not in mood to go peek in the kitchen.

While doing random search the name Annda Paratha attracted me. I opened the link and his Twitter’s timeline was all in Urdu. First expression of mine was whoa man how can he write in Urdu so well. That was an amazing as well as shocking thing for me.  For a second I thought that how pathetic we are why don’t we promote our own language? Look that man is so patriotic using his own mother tongue. Ok now leaving everything apart when I was going through his info I saw the link of his blog. Well with the element of curiosity that what would be there in his blog I opened the link. What? Seriously it was Urdu blog…  Then I started reading his post there. Amazing stuff I found there. I started following him on twitter. Later on I came to know that he is well learned man in all aspects from education to religion. I call him my teacher now. As he taught me about the English keys what are they stand for in Urdu and also guided me in some religious matters as well. Discussions with him are always fruitful at least for me. Sorry if u are reading this if I ever offended you  sir jee and he became my inspiration. Thanks Sir for your time.

Then one day during tweeting with Annda I mean Zia sir a tweeple peep into it and his name was Duffer (I don’t know what’s his real name but still Duffer name will work here). And yes like always he was new addition in my list of following. I love to follow people who are active on twitter. ha ha ha, and bang later on realized that he is blogger too. Then I came to know about Jafar Hussain he writes too but in Urdu I mean he was too urdu blogger. A great and well learned man too.

Jafar whom they all call Ustad (that mean Teacher in English) got the follower named Omer Bangash. Omer wrote in just flawless manner. Khurseed Azad and  some other bloggers in urdu I found there via them. So in short I found the group of Urdu bloggers there which once I thought never exists.  They all are amazing bloggers.

Zia sir write in simple diction and his style is simple and graspable. Blend of religious thoughts are seen, which is amazing thing to use. About Duffer oh man I want to say one thing *Caution: Read but at your own risk* he is too bold way to bold or you may say a humorist with twisted language ha ha ha. Jafar’s tag line says *khas banday ki aam batien. Dil jalon k liye marham* (Special people common talk, a relief for heart seared people) sums up all. Common topic and incidents of life are beautifully depicted via his fingers (obviously thoughts are from mind but are typed ha ha ha so via fingers he depicted his ideas) and Khurseed Azad wrote quite well too. Well Well Well I am left with one blogger and he is Omer Bangash. He is my most favorite blogger. He writes so well that it feels like as if my own thoughts and feelings are written there in his post. His post urged the feeling to comment on his blog but as I am damn weak in Urdu, so I kept that comment with me in my mind. But thanks to twitter I conveyed my comments.

All I said above was nothing but truth. Now I am using a blend of lie that what I really felt while reading Omer’s post because I know duffer will start leg pulling. By the way don’t forget that Charles lamb once said that “mixture of truth and lie is best thing”. Oh my God biased approach uff ha ha ha.  But still I thought to write for my word press as it’s quite long since I am not active here. And nothing came up but the thing “Journey from English to Urdu blogging” topic clicked me. So here is my experience. And for all the bloggers mention above keep writing I tried to sum up all experience and I hope I succeeded in it too. Thanks and I would like to end  up with the thing my words that “ Write, write and write as it’s a window to other dimension”.

Stay blessed


8 thoughts on “Journey from English to Urdu blogging

  1. Khurshid Aazad says:

    Good read. Thank you for mentioning my name in your blog۔ but there is many brilliant urdu blogers in URDU Blogistan which far much better bloger then me. You can read their work here

    Also I will suggest to use paragraphs in your writing.

    1. atoofa says:

      Thank you so much ! As a beginner those people mention here are quite good enough for me but thank you I will surely read other bloggers too. And about paragraph thing I did write this here in para but I don’t know where did the formatting go. Will edit it too again. Gratitude 🙂

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