Friends Forever

Along the beach

In cold night

I saw the reflection

And I turned aside

First I panicked

Then look behind,

There was my friend

Weeping and crying

With shuddering voice

she asked me

Are you going forever

Leaving me forlorn

I looked at her

with astonished face

Oh my friend!

Don’t be afraid

She was sad

Afraid of loss

Cryng like a baby

Afraid like a ghost

I snuggled first

Then holding her hand

I said to her

Oh my friend !

I’ll live forever

In your books

In every page

And line you look

I’ll live forever

In your Soul

With every beat

And breath you took

I’ll live forever

In your Life

Bright as beacon

Giving you far sight

I’ll live forever

In the Sky

Like a shining star

Which twinkle high

She cleaned her face

And I told her that

Oh my sweet friend

I love you. You know that

She looked at me

Ans she smiled

I closed my eyes

Hiding what’s inside

Hiding my tears

Friends Forever
Friends Forever

To made her smile

I’ll miss you my friend

Was thinking inside

Losing her Hand

Saying Good Bye

Telling her that

Please don’t cry

In this way

I left my friend

Giving her smile

Taking her tears

I wonder sometimes

Who made these Goodbyes

Letting people cry

Till they die .


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