Scattered Flower

You know what happened that day….! She was looking like as if he was curious to know what happened in the past two years which had made me like this. Listen I said.

Ring….! Ring….!

Ah who is calling it’s so early..!! I was enjoying a good nap after such a long time. But I was disturbed now because of phone call.

“God bless I hope everything is fine…!” As I saw the call of Justin coming… lots of ideas pop up into my mind.

“Hello… is everything all right. Are you fine…? How is your family…? Is there any emergency…?”

I asked lots of question in just one breath. Justin was my fiancé we were suppose to get married this summer but due to his sister’s critical condition marriage was postponed. I got panicked when he laughed in such a horrifying manner.

“Hahaha Jane darling its 4 o’clock of the evening and you are still sleeping. Yeah everything is all right I just called you to confirm the plans that are we still on it or not….?”

“Which plan…?” I was so blank that I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Don’t you remember that we are supposed to go to watch movie then we had to go to dinner together.”

“Ah…!” With a sudden flashback I realized oh yeah that was our plan. Shit how can I forget.

“Yeah we are on it dear. See you around…!”

“Ok..!  I will pick you up at 6 is it fine?”

“Yes honey. Ok take care.”



I am becoming an old lady… hmm I guess so how can I forget.  Hmmm emm I guess too much sleep locked up my mind like a nut in nutshell. With a broad smile I stood up from bed.

Tick tick tick … its six o clock now. I am ready now looking so beautiful in short length frock and Prada. I hope Justin love my get up. I was having red rose in my hand to give it to him.

Ting tong…! And as the bell rang I hurried towards the door.  It was Justin standing. Oh my God he was looking like some real prince. He had bought me rose too. I was feeling like as if I am flying in year I saw him after such a long time and he had made today’s plan.  We had quality time together.

Next morning Justin parents came to our place to fix the date of our wedding. It was decided that at the end of December Justin and Jane will be soon called as Mr. and Mrs. Justin. I was so happy. After such a long time I am now getting married in one month. We were so happy that day we celebrated it all night long in a hotel with our friends we danced we ate. We had fun.

I still remember the date it was 20th November 1998, when my cell phone bell rang and I was told that Justin had an accident while he was going out of station for his meeting. On the High way heavy vehicle struck his car. I rushed towards the hospital.

As I entered there in the intense care unit I was told by my mother that Justin is calling my name again and again. I went inside the room. Doctors were trying their best to stop his bleeding. He was still in little bit of conscience. As he saw me his eyes glowed he said something to nurse she turned around and gave him flower which was there in the vase. I came close to him I holdup his hand in mine. He handed over it to me and at the sam

Scattered Flower
Scattered Flower

e moment his breath got out of control the flower fell down on the floor its petals scattered everywhere.

It was the last time when I saw red rose. I got freeze. Because I was told that I have lost my world, my husband to be, and my fiancé I had nothing left. Justin was no more. I had same feeling when I was told that my father died. This time it was harder and more painful for me.

Justin and I were together since childhood. We got engaged year ago. Together we grew up, together we laughed, and together we cried. We were made for each other. As I saw scattered flower I felt like I am just like it. For a moment I give him a farewell look. After that whatever happened I don’t know. I fainted afterwards.

It was raining like cats and dogs at the funeral of Justin. Last ceremony was performed. After that I never came back to my normal condition became mad that’s what people say. Now I am here with you all.

Saying that she started again watching the sky covered with clouds about to rain.

It was the first time since 1st December 1998 that she spoke her heart out. Doctor Jenifer had tears in her eyes. Now she understood that why Jane cries and went out of control when she sees rain or scattered flower….


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