*The Full Moon Night*

Oh yeah it’s so beautiful today. Isn’t it..?

I was sitting with my friend. She planned to stay with me tonight because I was alone. Remaining family was out of town.

Sometimes it happens that I got afraid from the darkness and loneliness. Nobody believes that I am afraid of the full moon night. Tonight my friend she was laughing too when I said this thing to her. She said this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

But… I just stopped explaining her that what the reason is. I was afraid if she came to know the reason what will be her reaction!

We planned to watch movie I said some funny movie will rock the mood. But no she was insisting me to watch the horror movie. Ok fine, I said it. She put the DVD into DVD player and I put the pop corn into oven.

We both sat down and first shout was by her. I laughed and laughed until she pointed me to stop.

Let your fear drown...

Movie finished and we were talking. It was getting hot. We went into the terrace it was 10 o’clock of night and silence was in the air. Cold air was blowing. It was kind of creepy out there. But she was enjoying.

I do not know in my child hood I used to be very sharp and efficient but after my adolescence I was fearful and shy girl.

I was fearful just after that incident which I do not like to share has made me terrified of life. And after that I was a fearful soul.

But I was afraid of what? It always depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s my own reflection. Sometimes the cause of fear is cockroaches. Sometimes the cause of fear is water. But I think today its full moon.

We were both remembering the old times suddenly I shouted and shouted aloud so loud that the old lady in the corner of the street can hear ma shouts.

My friend took me back to my room. I was normal talking again. She thought that I am fine now and after 12 o clock I went to sleep.

Next day she asked me that what just happened to me. You were doing such a puzzling talk and I said it was not me. Then she realized that why I was afraid of full moon night.

Because that night my soul was not in my body because my body was possessed……..


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