*Life as you sees it*

Life as you sees it

She smug and flies High in the skies,

Free of worries Breathing slackened

Love the freedom and full of joy

this is the life which she enjoys.

Seeing her happy, I felt annoyed.

Saying her that this is life as you see it…

Life is not as relax as you feel it,

It’s full of hurdles and bounding feet,

Blazing fires and slaying deeds,

Everywhere you listen to carcass beat,

Full of hatred and odious grope,

No one’s here to listen to your appeal.

She snuggled me with smiling face,

Said to me that this is the life as you see it…

Life is beautiful you should see

this is not the life which you just fear…

See it through your heart this world is full of glee,

live your life fully so the sadness would flee.

There is still love And hope, no fear

Hatred is there, but please my dear

Listen to your heart and with eyes full of tears

there is always Sun After every dark,

Blazing and glazing rays of Sun,

The greenery and the river run.

Not the blood and corpse are lying,

There is still beauty here lying….

See the life through my eyes

Full of happy and joyful nights,

Play the song of harmony

and listen to the beat of love.

Don’t fear from it but just feel it,

Life is what as you sees it…

Life is what as you sees it…


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